News2 - Teheran-Iran exibition in collaboration with Larzeh Sakht Savalan Co.

28/09/2016 Teheran-Iran exibition in collaboration with Larzeh Sakht Savalan Co.


Geoves participates in one of the main Geotechnical fairs in Iran "Iranian 4th Dam and Tunnel conference & Exhibition - DATEX 2016" in collaboration with its partner Larzeh Sakht Savalan Consulting Engineers Co.

At the fair were presented the meteorological sensors manufactured by Geoves and the meteorological-evaporimetric monitoring station specifically designed for applications in dams and water basins.

The monitoring systems for the following applications are also presented:

  • Agriculture: plant disease / water stress monitoring and prevention station (FAO-WMO evapotranspiration calculation of Penman-Monteith)
  • Water resources: monitoring and alarm station for exceeding water levels
  • Water quality analysis: fixed and portable station with multiparametric probe for measuring the chemical-physical parameters of pH, conductivity, temperature, redox, dissolved oxygen, level and turbidity
  • Climatology: meteorological station for measurements in the air pollution sector, in landfills, power plants, composting plants, environmental monitoring, etc ...
  • Energy: monitoring systems in the wind and photovoltaic sector