News5 - Vineyard in the field 2018

25-26 May 2018 Vineyard in the field (Vite in Campo 2018) - Men and machines for a sustainable viticulture

 Evento Vite in Campo 2018

Geoves will be present at the ViteInCampo 2018 event at the Collalto Farm in Susegana (TV) in Via San Salvatore

The event will have as its theme "Sustainable viticulture, precision viticulture and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and is aimed at: agronomists, wineries, research bodies and all professionals and operators in the sector as well as informed citizens of these issues.

In this event Geoves will present the MeteoVigna1 agrometeorological station for the microclimatic monitoring of vineyards and the prevention and management of Plasmopara viticola

Stazione MeteoVigna1