Meteograph web service for environmental data management

Main features

The software relies on an FTP Geoves area where data is sent autonomously by the control units at fixed times and are available in standard text format with fields separated by commas (CSV format). The data is therefore always usable without the need to use proprietary communication protocols or specific programs for data decoding; furthermore, the software does not require any installation as Internet access is sufficient and a username and password must be entered to enter the dedicated web page and display the measurements from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The data in text format are processed by MeteoGraph to obtain on the web page both the measurement in numeric format (eg average minimum maximum trend, etc.) and in graphic format that can be downloaded in jpg bitmap format. The representation of the data on the screen can be managed by selecting a desired observation period.

The graphs currently available are:

  • Linear multi-line for measurements where the arithmetic average is applied (eg temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) with representation also of the minimum and maximum values
  • Histogram for the measures where the summation processing is applied (eg monthly precipitation)
  • Windrose for anemometer measurements
  • Daily table

For each monitoring station it is also possible to report the following information:

  • Geographic coordinates
  • Site map
  • Photos of the station
  • General information and comments

The data loaded on the web page can come from two primary sources:

  • online, when the station is connected to the internet via GPRS
  • off-line, when data from SD Card recordings must be transferred

The data can then be downloaded in text format to perform aggregations (eg monthly) using the free Geodesk Geoves software. Optionally the MeteoGraph web software can manage alarm logics on measurements. Upon exceeding the set thresholds it will be possible, for example, to send an alert email to the available personnel


More information

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