About us

About us

Geoves designs, manufactures, sells and installs a wide range of meteorological sensors and systems for the monitoring of the environment and renewable energy systems. All of our equipment is made by a team of expert technicians with over 30 years of experience in the construction of meteorological and datalogging instruments, together with the accompanying processing software. Geoves offers innovation and expertise in the design and manufacture of monitoring systems created specifically for research in collaboration with the scientific and university research communities.



Technology, Certifications and Norms

The advanced technology used in the design and manufacture of dataloggers, meteorological sensors and monitoring systems allows for low-power and environmental solutions which are both efficient and easy to use even by inexperienced users. This translates into a remarkable versatility of installation without the constraint of electrical or telephone connections and without the need to resort to software with proprietary communication protocols and restrictions.

All meteorological sensors are made in accordance with the WMO - Annex 8 (World Meteorological Organization) and are calibrated with certified primary standard instruments or at centres which are internationally recognized such as ACCREDIA in Italy, DAkkS in Germany or UKAS in United Kingdom, MeasNet for wind monitoring for wind energy.

All monitoring systems are configured to meet specific environmental requirements in accordance with the following laws in Italian transpose European norms:
IEC61400-12 Wind monitoring for wind energy
IEC61724-1 Monitoring of photovoltaic systems
1999/31/CE Monitoring of landfills
2009/90/CE Environmental and water monitoring
2008/50/CE Monitoring of air pollution





Design and manufacturing

Thanks to years of experience in the field of monitoring, Geoves designs and manufactures data loggers, meteorological sensors and professional equipment for environmental analysis in accordance with ISO9001 norms and the main standards recognized in Europe and worldwide.

Benefiting from the collaboration with the scientific communities Geoves offers innovation and expertise in the design of professional equipment for meteorology and environmental monitoring. Given the different installation requirements of each sector monitoring, Geoves designs and manufactures support structures and pole mounted brackets which are customized and suitable for installation in the open field, in urban areas, on bridges and embankments (hydrology), in industrial areas, on sites using wind power and photovoltaic systems.



Quality policy


GEOVES SNC undertakes to pursue a policy that places the customer at the center of its activities.

Customer satisfaction is pursued by offering and adapting all processes to its particular needs, implicit and explicit, detected and monitoring both cultural progress and the achievement of the objectives agreed in the contractual phase.

The customer assumes a central role for the success of GEOVES and it therefore becomes important to know him thoroughly, to produce goods that meet his needs and to create high customer satisfaction.

For the reasons illustrated above, GEOVES has decided to focus its attention on the achievement of wide-ranging objectives, which can be divided into long-medium and short-term objectives.

With regard to the first aspect, the ADMINISTRATION has the following objectives:

  • Increase your sales capacity both through internal resources (website, fairs, newsletters) and through external resources (web portals, resellers and collaborators)
  • 10% annual increase in turnover
  • Investment in state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment for a constant improvement of the quality standards of company products
  • Development of new hardware and software products to allow greater participation in tenders and monitoring system projects in multiple application sectors
  • Continuation of product certification at accredited external laboratories
  • Establish relationships with the best dealers and contacts interested in marketing Geoves products mainly in Italy, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Increase your staff

As for the second aspect, however, the company will focus on concrete management objectives such as:

  • improvement of work planning;
  • the increase in customer satisfaction
  • the constant reduction of the number of complaints
  • compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
  • the care of communication to the customer;
  • customer assistance;

The achievement and maintenance of these objectives will be constantly pursued through staff training and information activities at all levels.

By achieving these objectives, we intend to create a company strongly focused on its customers, increase effectiveness on the market and make customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a market that becomes more competitive every day.

The specific objectives will be defined annually by management and disseminated to all employees. 




Download this file (GEOVES_Attestato_ISO9001.pdf)GEOVES_Attestato_ISO9001.pdf[ISO9001 Certificate]946 kB