Installazione e manutenzione 

Installation and Maintenance

Geoves has a team of technicians with many years of experience operating in compliance with current safety regulations (Law 81/08) and it can perform installations on site of the following types of monitoring stations:

  • Weather Stations (Annex 8 WMO) and for monitoring landfill (1999/31/CE)
  • Hydrological snow measuring stations (Annex 8 WMO)
  • Stations for water quality monitoring (2009/90/CE)
  • Anemometric Stations (IEC61400-12, MeasNet and WMO)
  • Weather and radiometric Stations- (IEC60904 and WMO)
  • Weather stations for urban air pollution monitoring (96/62/CE)

Teams of technicians employed by Geoves are equipped to assemble various types of stations on masts and towers of varying height from a few meters up to 100m.


On-site maintenance

The on-site maintenance can be of two types:

  • Ordinary maintenance (scheduled intervention)
  • Extraordinary maintenance (intervention on call)


Maintenance and repairs in the laboratory

The equipment may be sent to the Geoves’ laboratory for routine, checks, repairs or calibrations. Before sending the equipment, attach the GOODS REPAIR REQUEST FORM duly completed by carefully reading the GENERAL WARRANTY CONDITIONS.

The shipment of the goods must be made using the original or equivalent packaging that guarantees the integrity of the goods during transport. After a technical inspection in the laboratory, a repair / functional check / calibration of the instrument will be issued. This laboratory activity will be subject to acceptance of the estimate by written order.

Manutenzioni in sito

Main services supplied by Geoves technical support are:

Laboratory Calibration
Using certified instruments in our laboratories it can carry out tests and functional tests of all the equipment supplied by us in compliance with ISO9001 standards. Also making use of external laboratories accredited by which Geoves has established a relationship of constant collaboration, you can make calibration ACCREDIA for measures of temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed / air flow, brightness, ISO for measures of solar radiation (pyranometer) and MeasNet for anemometers (wind energy applications).

Telephone support on the use of single instrumentation and monitoring systems.

Support for on-site installation
Assigning to it a qualified local staff for the activities of installation of monitoring systems with works supervision and plant start-up.


Tarature in laboratorio


Gestioni dati 

Assistance on data management

Ability to assist clients in the management of data acquired from Geoves monitoring systems. Such assistance may be made to spot or every programmed, agreed with the customer.



The customer can take advantage of training courses at the headquarters Geoves or directly on-site installation and delivery. The training is done by technicians with decades of experience that will educate the staff about the activities of installation, use and maintenance of equipment in addition to the theoretical training of the operation of all systems of measurement provided.




Our team has as a base the Veneto, but can count on various logistic bases and a network of partners located throughout the country, ensuring a remarkable dynamism and competitiveness, combined with fast response times and a strong local roots.

Sedi Operative 


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